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T.T.R. - Torri Training Regimen: Teach, learn, and condition Yourself

TTR Sample

Hello Folx! It's that time of the month where I share something with you that's been on my mind. This blog is a little more personal, but it's me being honest and transparent. I wrote this after a long conversation with myself, and wanted to share this with all of you. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if it reads a little funny. Even though I proof-read it, I decided to leave it a little rough so you can feel! Happy Hump Day!

For the past 15 months, I have been learning life as an entrepreneur. August of 2016 I decided to part ways with a great company where I had comfort and security. The idea of working for myself seemed to be a better decision because I figured I could make my own schedule, work at my leisure, and everything would just be easy peasy. Boy was I wrong! What I realized is that punching a clock every day for someone else made me more accountable. After I assessed the situation, I had to re-evaluate why I wanted to be my own boss. It all sounds great until you realize that you are solely responsible for your well-being. After discovering that piece of the puzzle, I knew I had to get myself in gear. It wasn’t until I listened to Lisa Nichols, who is a motivational speaker, about a week ago that it all clicked. She said in order for me to grow I had to teach myself, learn myself, and condition myself. When I put it all in perspective I realized that I had been playing entrepreneur and not living it. I had done well for myself, but I had forgotten one thing… ME! I was so busy focusing on trying to build and establish a clientele, that I missed a few steps in building and establishing myself.

As of 11.12.17, I have decided to teach myself, learn myself, and condition myself. Not just my physical self, but my overall self. I am going to get back to the most important person, and that person is me. That person is you! In order to be at your best, you have to do those things necessary to be the best. My goal is to be THE TRAINER, and not A TRAINER. Huge difference. I have decided to create and share my training regimen with the world. People ask me all the time, “Torri, what do you do to stay in shape?” They want to know what I eat, how I sleep, and everything in between. I usually don’t share what I personally do because everyone is different and require different approaches to achieve certain goals, but I want to share with those people who are interested in my journey. So now I’m on the Road to Condition! On this journey, I will be able to teach myself through the various physical challenges, and mental challenges of reading and feeding my brain. I will learn myself by seeing how committed I can be to myself and to the process. Will I get to my goal, or will this all fizzle out at some point? How much am I willing to grind for MY success and not the success of others? And of course, I will condition myself in the process both physically and mentally. The workouts alone will challenge my mental and physical. The spiritual aspect is my relationship with God. He is very important in my life and my journey, and without His guidance I am nothing. So, how committed are you to you? Join me in teaching, learning, and conditioning yourself. Stay tuned to see how this journey unfolds.

Ps. I would like to send a shout out to my client Joe F. for helping fuel the fire that created TTR (Torri’s Training Regimen) You’re my boy blue!!


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