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I have been hearing the word "sacrifice" from my clients quite a bit lately. So I decided to address it in this blog, hoping it will help you overcome some of the obstacles you are facing in your fitness journey. When you look up the word sacrifice you get about six different definitions which all share the same meaning of offering and giving up something for the benefit of a long-term higher gain. I often hound you about what to eat, the frequency of your meals, and in some cases your macronutrient percentage, all which trigger in you the idea of sacrifice: “I don’t want to sacrifice having fun by not drinking.” OR, “Eating clean is boring.” Your mind and body, accustomed to a certain routine, are fighting the changes or "sacrifices" you have decided to make to reach a healthier lifestyle. Now consider for a minute that a sacrifice is a form of "self-discipline" freeing you from laziness, lethargy, expectations and demands of others, weaknesses, fears, and doubts. H.A Dorfman, who was a pioneer in sports psychology said: "Self-discipline allows a pitcher to feel his individuality, his inner strength, his talent. He is master of, rather than a slave to, his thoughts and emotions.” Having self-discipline will allow you to re-route your thought process to being the master, rather than the slave to your thoughts and emotions, and therefore proactively maintain a healthier lifestyle, with one caveat: you have to decide to do so. Take advantage of the New Year to make resolutions that you will commit to. Believe me when I say that the first 21 days will be hard. You will be at war with yourself. But remember to take one step at a time, commit to one change at a time. Once you experience a change in your mind and body, what you initially considered as a sacrifice, will become a challenge, a goal to thrive to be a better version of yourself. When you finally see that you can reach the goals you have set for yourself and collect the fruits of your efforts, those challenges will become your fun. Don’t let your mind and body fall in dis-ease. For the New Year commit to no longer “sacrifice” your wellness but engage in your well-being. After all, what’s more, important than your health? Think about it. Happy Holidays to all of you! Torri

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