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Transformation has been on my mind for the last few months. It all started when I finally decided to execute on what I have wanted to do for a while but was held back by the fear of failure, the look of the other, and what people might think of my transformation.

As a dancer, people know me and expect of me to be fit, lean, and slender. That expectation and the eye of the public while performing had in the past somewhat interfere and defined the goals I was setting for myself.

As a trainer, I have carried that heritage until I finally freed myself from expectations of others and focused on what I wanted to accomplished for myself and the benefit of my clients.

I decided to participate in a physique competition and wanted to share with you what I have learned in the process. At the end of the day, the goal for putting myself through these experiments is to share my findings so that when your turn comes to venture, I will be a qualified mentor to guide you through your journey.

A lot of people call me the "beast" but believe me when I made the decision to enter the physique contest; I got nervous and hesitant. I started freaking out about my workouts, (who to train with, how often?), my diet, how I was going to calculate my macros, how I was going to work my poses, etc. I got caught up in the details and forgot the big picture: to experiment to then share my knowledge, to experiment to make me an excellent training partner for my clients and most importantly grow.

That's when it clicked. Who cares?? Why am I fussing about a little work that is going to benefit my clients in the end and me? I focused on the big picture and decided to get myself on track.

Today, I am super stoked about the idea of being in my first physique competition. I train pretty much every day to soon start hitting it twice a day. I currently train six times a week with an active rest day such as a hike, long walk, or yoga.

So far, I have gained 5 pounds with zero body fat. My diet modeled after the ketogenic diet is based on high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs. Read up on it and consult with your physician to see if it’s something that could work for you. It has been working for me, and I have to admit I enjoy eating this way.

The results: transformation. I am in the process of transforming from a somewhat lean guy to a bulkier version of myself. Not only am I changing physically, but my entire life is evolving into this new life. My awareness is high. My focus is on point. I must use exact measurements and pay close attention to details. It has become a science that requires lots of energy and focus. I have already had more productive days over the past couple of months than I did in the last half of 2016. I am excited to workout. Every day I am eager to see if I have improved. That hunger for improvement and productivity makes for a better attitude and outlook on life. I have always been a pretty active and optimistic guy and have known the benefits of diet and exercise. The exciting thing for me, at this point, is that I can experience that feeling every time I set out to challenge myself in a different way. Every time I set out to transform my fitness life, I experience those feelings because every time you learn something new, you grow. If you’re not growing, what’s the point?

My goal for this transformation has been to explore another side of me that has been waiting to blossom. Hold on to your hats; it’s about to be a hell of a ride! I will update you guys monthly on my journey to the physique show! In the meantime, what will be your transformation?


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